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    4 weeks - 42 weeks

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    The Missing Manual:
    Your Step by Step Pregnancy Guide

    Are you 7, 8 or 9 weeks pregnant?
    Our Ultimate Guide from the first trimester tests and ultrasounds all the way to 42 weeks pregnant!
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    Public or Private in Pregnancy?

    Choosing between public vs private birth in Australia? Some of the best options for your prenatal and birth care book out early. Start thinking about an MGP midwife or a private Ob now. *Plus we have more options

    Pregnancy Week-by-week

    Most hospitals won't see you until your 12-14 weeks pregnant or more. Plus many women don't tell anyone until they are beyond the first trimester. Now you can check in each week for pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

    Every Prenatal Test & Appointment

    There's nothing more discomforting that being surprised by a test result or a question in your hospital appointments. BirthTools™ makes sure you know what's coming your way and helps you prepare for each appointment with confidence.

    Ultimate Guide To Early Pregnancy

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    I haven't announced my pregnancy yet, but I needed some questions answered. Like when do I get my first scan? This mini course gave me way more information that I expected and I can't wait to do the birth course later.
    I didn't know that you you had to apply with the hospital early if you wanted to get on the midwife program. Thank goodness I bought the course because now I am in!
    I am 20 weeks now and I still refer to the week by week timeline before each appointment! My GP doesn't even inform me as much as this download does. Thank you Birthtools!
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