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Go beyond the Birth Plan

Writing a birth plan in Australia doesn't have to be overwhelming. Follow this step-by-step guide and use our free sample birth plan that is dynamic and changes with your baby and body.

Lovingly crafted by Jade van Dijk, creator of BirthTools, who has been guiding women to gracefully achieve their birthing goals and aspirations for many years.
Birth plan template

What you'll find inside

Download your personal birth plan template today and take the first step towards your positive birth.

Birth Wish List

How do you make a birth plan? We get you started by outlining all of the things that are possible during labour and in pregnancy. 

Start imagining what's possible and put pen to paper.

Overcome "Policies"

Many births end in trauma and that's not because of you but because of the limited choices mums are given at the end of pregnancy. We identify the common "roadblocks" that women face so you can manage your way around them and have that amazing birth story.

Birth Plan Template

Now you know what you want and what's possible, you can use our template to create a birth plan that is personal to you. We also give you some things to research and dig deeper.
our testimonials

Testimonials from people who completed our Birthtools Program

Charisse & Willow
"Every birth plan I came across just seemed so simple. I didn't understand how writing something down on a piece of paper was going to help me birth that way. The BirthTools sample birth plan actually showed me how to prepare for all eventualities and I knew that the course was going to be worth it."
Mandy & Jake
"I am so grateful to find this birth plan download! I finally understood how to actually get started and what a birth plan is all about after I started the program and devoured it in just a few days."

A word from Jade

"Over the years I've been honoured to support so many women desiring a positive birth! I believe more than anything that if more women took their birth into their own hands, then birth on earth would change. I love to help prepare those mamas for what to expect and also help them create an alternate birth plan in case things need to change. I hope your birth is amazing!
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