What is BirthTools™?

BirthTools™ is complete online birth education for women who want to learn
about giving birth in their own space and in their own time.
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There is no other course quite like ours

Get the A to Z of Birth

5-10 minute videos, interactive quizzes and cheat sheets. Pick and choose the tools you want to learn at your pace.
Wherever you are in your pregnancy journey, confident, excited, nervous their is a Birth Tool that will give you peace of mind!
A whole section dedicated to partners so they get confidence in their role.
Choose how you want to give birth... natural or assisted. 
What's inside

A sample Of What's included 

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Public or Private

Know all your options so you can make an informed decision
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Are you nervous about inductions? Take control of your induction through these practical tools.
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Pain Relief

Whether you want to go natural or assisted discover all the pain relief options. 
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The Partners Guide

Give your partners practical tools so they can have a part. Plus learn from other dads!
Easy To Use Cheat Sheets
Recommended Podcasts
Fun & Interactive Quizzes

BirthTools™ is for...

  Women and partners who want short and snappy information to make their own choices about birth. 
  Couples who want an education of both the natural and assisted birth so they can choose what's right for them.
  Women who know what type of birth they want but don't know how to achieve it.
  Women who have no idea what type of birth they want and don't have a birth plan .
"The tools, exercises and resources supplied were game changers and set us up for the most empowered, prepared and amazing birth."


"It provided us with all the tools and information needed so we could advocate for ourselves. Both my husband and I felt supported throughout the whole process"

Nikki & Josh

Why Choose BirthTools?

We are the only Birth Education that gives you...

Unbiased Education

We don't have an agenda. Whether you want to go hosptial or give a natural birth. Our education simply arms you with the choices available so you can make a plan based off what you want for your family.

Practical Tools

We don't do airy fairy education. Our course is packed full of juicy tips and tools to make you feel great about giving birth so that the only surprise is meeting your new baby.

Build Your Own Birth Plan

Whether you love the idea of a birth plan or just want to go with the flow... we educate you so you choose how you give birth and in the event of any unexpected events you will feel confident knowing you have had the most comprehensive education.
Birth Confidence 
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Short and snappy videos
months Birth Support 
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