Discover the Secret to Getting Private Treatment While Going Public

Pregnancy and private coverage can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. However, you can find peace of mind knowing that there are options available to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Most private coverage policies only provide coverage for a birth attended by an obstetrician if you have maintained the premium fee for at least a year. While this may work in your favor if you have planned your pregnancy ahead of time and selected your doctor, it's important to keep in mind that some fees may not be fully covered and can result in unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

But what can you do if you want to choose your own care but don't have the necessary coverage? The answer lies below.
Perhaps you’re reading this now and find yourself in this situation. You’re wondering whether it’s worth those out of pocket costs and are anxious about not knowing who will be with you to support you birth on the day.

Is it possible to pick who's with you during pregnancy and birth without the extra cost?

Yes, it is!

Have you ever heard of a doula?
She also goes by the name birth companion, birth worker or support person.

In most cases she is female and has supported 10,20,30…100+ women to birth in multiple settings. She travels for homebirths, to your local public hospital or even to the other side of the city because that’s where you’re are birthing. 
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During pregnancy she gets to know you and your family. Wants to explore your previous birth experience, or, if this is your first, understand what is important to you when it comes to the birth of your baby or babies.
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She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to a range of pregnancy complications and can put you at ease with just a phone call to explain, “that’s totally normal!”

She isn’t a doctor and she’s not a midwife. Your doula stays within the bounds of helping you access all your options when it comes to your pregnancy care and choices, while helping you research, discuss and then chat with your caregiver’s who will also be part of your birth team.

She is the person that can answer those questions you think are silly (but are not), that you wouldn’t feel comfortable calling the birth suite about. Often she includes some form of childbirth education (like BirthTools™) that aims to give you every possible choice when it comes to birthing and trusting your bodies ability to have a baby without much fuss.

This integral part of your birth team joins you at home when you go into labour, while the hospital asks you to stay home because it’s “too early.” She will use her wisdom of birth to help you manage your pain and when ready, transfer to your chosen place of birth with you.

She holds you in the birth space, alongside your partner, dad or maybe even your mother. She is friendly with all the staff and whispers in your ear when she feels you’re choices may be veering away from what your priorities may have been.

Above all, your doula supports you emotionally and physically to birth. She has no shifts, no timed lunch breaks (though she may need a coffee now and then). She helps you transition your birth plan (if needed) to change and is there to carry your partner and fill them with confidence to help him support you. 

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In fact, your partner knows that he can manage a break, and can rely on your doula to tell him what he can do or how he can help. 
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Above all, she provides you with care that only someone who knows you well and has no prior motive, other than making sure you are ok with every decision and change in your birth space.

There are so many doula’s to choose from and they are simply a small google away. These special women can sometimes specialize in certain types of births to fill you with that extra confidence. Births like VBAC, multiples or high risk, even caesareans and epidurals! The best part is that you get to choose her and her costs are quite minimal. Usually there is a payment plan option and you get to start utilizing her straight away. It’s never too late to engage her (even if you’re about to reach you due date) and she is there to provide postpartum care after your baby is born.

After all, she knows that your birth is only the beginning of your parenthood journey.

So, if you’re reading this and can’t afford an OB or even if you have one already, there is no downside to engaging a doula. Who wouldn’t want someone knowledgeable, flexible and experienced in birth of all sorts by their side?

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