Take a Tour: Northern Beaches Hospital Maternity

Jul 11
Located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the Northern Beaches Birthing Unit offers a range of birthing choices that cater to your individual preferences. You have the freedom to select a water birth, get a private obstetrician and be supported by the midwife group practice.

BirthTools™ maternity tour draws inspiration from first-hand accounts of real mothers who have graciously shared their personal experiences within this maternity unit.
Planning to birth at Northern Beaches Hospital and want a sneak peek into the birthing suites? Wondering about parking and how easy it is to get into the midwife program?

Well, look no further! We've got you covered with all the details, and we promise to keep it chill and unbiased.

What are the birthing rooms like?

The birthing rooms at Northern Beaches Hospital are a blend of space and modern amenities. Each room is thoughtfully designed to create a calming atmosphere, with plenty of space to birth. You'll find a soothing colour palette, soft lighting, and comfortable furnishings, all aimed at providing a serene 
 space for you and your partner. One of the standout features of the Birth Unit is the option for water births. Some of the birthing suites are equipped with large, deep birthing pools that provide a calming and supportive environment for water births. The warm water helps to relax the body and reduce the intensity of contractions, providing natural pain relief and promoting a gentle and peaceful birth experience.
Each birthing suite is equipped with a private ensuite bathroom, allowing you to maintain your privacy throughout your stay. If you don't have a water birth room then you will still get a deep tub to use for a natural pain relief option. The rooms come with birthing balls and sometimes decorative lights and diffusers (bring your own oils).

Is Northern Beaches Hospital Public or Private?

NBH is both public and private like many hospitals around Sydney. This means that you can book in for pregnancy and be seen by midwife's in the public program or by your chosen doctor.

Keep in mind that if you birth at the hospital and you are a private patient, you will be using the same facilities as the public patients for birth and usually in the postpartum. They are all lovely and new which is nice, but as a private patient you will stay for around 5 days if you want to. For public it's pretty standard to stay for two nights.

Also important to know is some private doctors don't like to use the water birth rooms, so make sure to ask before hiring!

Northern Beaches Visiting Hours

While you are birthing your baby you can have up to two support people plus yourself from when you arrive until hours after your birth. BirthTools™ always recommends getting a doula!

After you have your baby, you will be transferred into the maternity ward about 3-4 hours after a vaginal birth and (usually) within an hour after a caesarean section. Your partner can be in the room for your c section birth but not usually a second support person unless you put your foot down (we've supported women to do it before!)

Visiting Hours on the Postnatal Ward
(Father's exempt)
10.00am - 1.00pm
3.00pm - 8.00pm

How to get onto the Northern Beaches Midwife Program

The MGP offers expectant parents a remarkable team of experienced midwives who provide continuous guidance, companionship, and expertise throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postnatal period. The program (that is hard to get into because of the number of women they can take on) is designed so you get your own midwife that you get to know through pregnancy. They work within a smaller team than the alternative "core midwifery" so you should see the same woman for your birth too.

If you've started BirthTools™ Step-by-Step Pregnancy Video Guide then you've got our suggestions on how to get onto this program quickly! 
You would also know that you're more likely to get a low intervention natural birth within this personalized approach creates a deep connection and trust between mother's and their caregivers. Of course, our online birthing classes give you the hidden advantage to birth your way, even if you don't have your own midwife and see a range of faces or if you have a private obstetrician.

How to book into Northern Beaches?

It's actually really simple. When you are about 10 weeks onwards you can contact the hospital clicking this link for public mothers. You create a new account and will be guided to start your online admission. 

If you are a private patient then you need to find and hire an OB, and then you can book in with their details. BirthTools™ highly recommends figuring out what kind of birth you want BEFORE hiring an Obstetrician. If you would like some details on the best OB's from real women and birth doulas who work at this hospital, then don't hesitate to send an email our way and we can send you a list of natural, women minded doctors!

Northern Beaches Birthing Classes

You can take a generic and expensive class through your hospital but our mama's recommend finding an independent course that is dedicated to giving you ALL your choices and is completely unbiased like hospital courses often aren't!

BirthTools™ have a range of classes online or in person run by experienced doula and childbirth educator Jade van Dijk!
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