Empower Your Birth Story: Free Birth Classes

Join our Brisbane Birth Prep Masterclass for Couples. Designed for mothers and families seeking a free, quality childbirth class, ideal for those with previous birth trauma and busy couples.
Jul 1
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Sunday August 11th
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3 Hours + FREE Entry for 2 People
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Banyo Library,
North Brisbane

Join our Free Pregnancy Class & Discover the Secrets to a Positive Birth

The BirthTools program is designed for mothers and couples seeking a free, quality childbirth class, ideal for those with previous birth trauma and busy couples.

You're eagerly anticipating your new baby, yet troubled by challenging birth stories you’ve heard or a past traumatic birth, leaving you overwhelmed and unprepared for the journey ahead.

You know an antenatal birth class is the key to stepping into your birth story confidently but they are all too expensive & how do you know you've picked the right one for you?

With BirthTools, you're not just getting another traditional childbirth program. You're gaining the tools and knowledge to confidently begin your birth planning journey ensuring a positive and empowering outcome.

Here's what You'll Learn In
Our Free Birth Preparation Class

At the end of our session together, expectant mothers and their partners will be ready to embark on an empowering journey toward a positive birth experience. With clear intentions, an understanding of hospital expectations and trust in the natural birthing process you will be ready to craft an adaptable birth plan. 

Reframe Birth: 
Eliminate Fear and Embrace a Positive Approach

Often recited as the favourite part of our class, we start with unraveling your thoughts, preconceptions, anxieties, and the myths of birth. Women often enter pregnancy with ingrained fears, many which are NOT true, making them anxious and unprepared.

As you emerge, you’ll understand the reality of childbirth and recognize how societal myths have shaped your perceptions, whereby you'll be feeling clear-headed, less anxious, and genuinely excited to begin your birth planning journey.

Hospital vs. Personal Birth Plans:
Why Yours Matters More

Ever been told that you should just "go with the flow" of birth? Your hospital actually has a birth plan set for you & they are designed for the convenience of doctors, not the birthing mother. That's why, through a guided journey we are going to compare a standard hospital birth plan with the benefits of creating a personalized one!

Not only will you realise the limitations of hospital protocols but you're going to appreciate the importance of a tailored birth plan. This is the absolute motivating driver for any woman who wants to feel empowered and determined to take control of her birth experience, aligning it with their desires.

Strengthen Your Team:
Maximize Partner Support

You should already know that partner's play a crucial role in the birth space, but did you know they can also unintentionally derail it? 

Discover practical ways partners can positively contribute and learn the potential weak spots and fortify them together! Walk away with absolute confidence in your partner’s ability to effectively support you, knowing he is 100% on your side and has all the right tools to do so.
"I Feel Prepared"
"Before BirthTools, I was overwhelmed with anxiety about birth. Unsure where to start, I hesitated, fearing the unknown. But Jade's guidance transformed my mindset. Now, I'm prepared and eager for birth. Her approach felt like talking to a friend. My partner and I feel equipped for the journey ahead. Highly recommend!"

Samantha, Single Mum

"Answers To All My Questions"
A friend recommended birth tools and I couldn't have been more grateful. It's extremely informative and answers all your questions and concerns leaving you educated and prepared for one of the most memorable days of your life. Thank you birth tools for helping me create a birth plan and for seriously building my confidence through my pregnancy journey!!

Cristina, New Mum

"It Was Incredible"
I had a lot of anxiety about the delivery process as a first time mum and Jade made me feel so empowered and capable of getting through it. The session I had with Jade was incredible I was able to use the techniques she showed me during my delivery and she also was able to teach my husband the best ways to support me during labour. I would recommend Jade to anyone and everyone!

Saskia, New Mum

"Honestly, My Dream Birth"
While in labour I understood what I was feeling was normal and why, and I had a good idea about how far along I was. Moments before my baby’s birth I could easily make decisions where necessary with the power of knowledge and understanding on what needs to happen and why.Thank you, Birth Tools, for empowering my VBAC birth! It was honestly my dream birth and the most amazing experience of my life.

Jenny, VBAC Mama

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