How Can a Birth Partner Help During Labour?

The birthing process is like a rollercoaster, super exciting one minute, nervous the next, scared,  and then the most exhilarating experience of your life for everyone on board. Having a birth partner by your side, providing physical and emotional support during labour makes the world of difference.

One of the reasons we called our course BirthTools™ is because not only did we want to give the mother the tools they needed but also the support partners.

In this post, we'll look at all the ways a birth partner can help, from providing comfort and reassurance to encouraging the mother to stay focused during contractions. Read on to learn more about how a birth partner can help during labour!

Role of a birth Partner

The role of a birth partner is to provide physical and emotional support to the birthing mother during labour and delivery. It's an incredibly important job and it's not one to be taken lightly! Partners who choose to be present during pregnancy and childbirth understand that they are committing to a journey of supporting the mother, being her rock, helping with the decision-making process and being her confidant throughout the entire process. It's a responsibility, but it comes with immense rewards - the feeling of being an integral part of bringing a baby into this world can be an incredibly special and unique experience.

What a Birth Partner Can Do During Labour?

Emotional and Physical support
A birth partner can provide emotional and physical support during labour, such as massage, counterpressure and breathing exercises. Having a birth partner is a great way to ensure you feel supported, comfortable and safe during those intense moments of childbirth. It's important to have someone you trust and connect with by your side to provide comfort and reassurance. Whether it's a partner, family member, friend or doula, having someone to lean on during pregnancy can make all the difference to your experience.
Practical Support
Offer practical assistance to the birthing mother, such as helping her to change positions or offering her drinks and snacks. It's important to choose a birth partner who you trust and feel comfortable around.
Verbal Support
Be understanding and encouraging, but also able to be assertive when necessary. Be prepared to advocate for you and your wishes with the medical professionals, helping to ensure that your birth plan is respected. During pregnancy, while you prepare for the birth together, they are taking in all the information that is important to them so they can work with you on the day. Having a birth partner can make the birthing process much easier and more enjoyable, and is a great way to share a special moment with someone special.
Just Being You Support
Just by being you and being there you are already a huge source of comfort in the birthing room. You can help to provide reassurance if the new mother-to-be is feeling scared or overwhelmed, and support them through their journey into motherhood. Having someone to lean on during labor can make all the difference for many birthing mothers.

So mummas it is important to think about who you would like to have by your side as you welcome your little one into the world! 

Tips for Communicating with a Birth Partner

Be sure to understand each other's expectations and desires regarding the birth process. If your partner is going to be there for you during labour, it's important to talk about how you'd like him to support you. Whether you'd like them to be a calming presence and remind you of breathing techniques, or provide more active support like helping to massage your lower back and counter pressure, it's essential to be on the same page. In the same vein, your partner might not be comfortable with certain responsibilities and that's ok. The most important thing is that you talk about both your expectations so no one is surprised or disappointed on the day.

Knowing what you need from your partner during labour can help to ensure that your birth experience is positive and empowering. Practice relaxation techniques or labor coping strategies together to ensure you are both prepared for the labor and delivery.

As a birth partner, your main job is to be there for your wife and provide emotional support. You can help by offering encouragement, helping her stay comfortable, and keeping her motivated. During the labor, you can provide physical support by simply just being by her side or physically helping her to rest. You can also help make sure she stays hydrated and help her slow down her breathing and using the techniques you have learned in your childbirth preparation course. Knowing that you'll be there to support her will help ease your wife’s mind and give her the strength she needs to get through labor and delivery.

Also, while going through pregnancy and labor, communication between you and your partner is key. It's super important to talk openly with your partner during moments of stress or exhaustion as it will help both of you stay focused on the ultimate goal - bringing a new life into the world. Having a strong foundation of support from your partner is essential throughout the entire process.

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