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We Believe in Every Birth There's Strength, Resilience and Power.

We don't sell an idealised experience... we give you practical BirthTools™ to birth with confidence... no matter what happens.


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Hours of content

Practical Tools

Ready to unlock your strength, resilience and power?


real-world tools that resonate with your practical approach.

Most birthing courses only teach you about natural birth.
 BirthTools™ gives you ALL the options available so that you can have a natural birth in hospital, caesarean section or simply want to get the tools you need to make empowered choices even in the event of intervention.
 We want women in Australia to OWN their birth story and birth with confidence.

BirthTools™ is Online Birth Education where you can learn at your own pace. 

BirthTools™ - Your All-In-One Birthing Resource

Quality course content

Get 6+ units of birth tools researched and proven to give you birth confidence all in one easy course.

Back to basics

This course runs you through the fundamental basics of labour and what happens. Learn key clues to knowing what stage you are in so that you feel in control of your birth.

Expert team

The best practices of birth by an experienced and amazing birth educator Jade Van Dijk
BirthTools™ - Your All-In-One Birthing Resource

Are you wanting to overcome your childbirth fears and embrace the journey ahead?

We get it... we have been where you are. That's why we created BirthTools...
We didn't feel the Birth education available, properly gave us the tools to feel confident in ALL Birth possibilities.
This course will give you tools, knowledge and wisdom to give you birth confidence.

Empower Your Birth Journey with The Ultimate Birthing team

We empower you with tools, education and advice so that when that day arrives you feel birth confident

Success Stories

Real women sharing their stories and advice.

Educational Experience

Learn about the exact stages of birth, the anatomy of your body and discover how to hack your hormones and use them as a tool!

Insider knowledge

Discover how the public and private hospital system in Australia works,  and the secrets that tell you what stage you are at before the doctors.
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Get the support you need to navigate the beautiful complexities of giving birth.

To help birthing mothers increase their confidence and achieve their birth goals, we arm your birth partners with tools that they can use before, during and after your birth.
Empowering your partners with this education will give you confidence that you aren't alone in this experience.

Knowledge That Resonates, Tools That Empower

Our students talk about their invaluable and practical lessons and tools to give them a confident birth.


"This is exactly what I needed. Down to earth, easy advice that fully prepared me for the birthing experience. I loved the bite sized videos and juicy nuggets of birthing wisdom."

You have Birthing questions, we have Baby answers

We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions by our mums and students.

How do I sign up for my Birth Course?

You can sign up to get a taste of the course, then you have to opportunity to enroll in the full BirthTools™ course. If for any reason you are unable to log into your account, please contact our support team via email.

How can I choose my birthing course? Which birth course is right for me?

There are a number of learning paths available, you may choose the one that best meets your requirements by reading them. However, if you need further information or advice, please contact us and our team will guide you to the appropriate program.

Can I contact other birthing mothers?

You can message and network with other learners once you are logged in and participating in your course, and we encourage you to do so, so you can support one another during your learning process and birthing journey.

Is there a free trial birthing course?

YES, sign up for free to access the free introductory lessons for our BirthTools online birthing course, then you'll be ready to purchase the full course so you don't miss out on the juicy stuff.
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